boise dentures

Patient Information Scheduling Guide

Scheduling is EasyGetting new Denture is typically painless. 
No drilling is required.

Patient Appointments

First Appointment 
During your first visit and examination, your Professional will ask key questions about your denture. The information will help to ensure a new partial that is comfortable, attractive and durable.

Second Appointment 
The next appointment is for a discussion of the treatment options and to take impressions that will be sent to a lab where fabrication of your new partial will begin.

Third Appointment 
On the third visit, your denture professional will use a wax-try-in of your new denture to evaluate fit and tooth positioning. This waxy-try-in will be returned to the laboratory with any required modifications.

Fourth Appointment 
You will receive your new denture on your final visit along with instructions for its care and maintenance. Plan on smiling more than usual that day.

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