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Partial Dentures

Partial DenturesIf you are missing teeth in either upper or lower arch it is very important to have them replaced. The teeth that are located next to the missing teeth will drift and move out of their positions. This can cause bone loss and lead to more extensive problems. The longer that you go without having a partial denture the more complicated the restoration will become.

The Different Types Of Partial Dentures

There are many different types of partials available today that are meant to address the specific issues. Each different type of partial denture will have distinct advantages over others. There are the flexible partials, fixed rigid partials with clasps, implant-supported partials, mixed supported partials, unilateral partials, single tooth partials, and so on. Some partials have better estherics, while others may be more suited for chewing efficiency, some can give you the best of both. In order to see which type of partial denture would work best for your specific needs, it is best to have your mouth thoroughly examined and then discuss a treatment plan that will fit your needs and budget.